Grants Committees

2016 Mellon-CES Dissertation Completion Fellowship Committee

Melissa Byrnes, Chair
Southwestern University

Adam Beaver
Princeton University

Edyta Bojanowska
Rutgers University

Anthony Colantuono
University of Maryland, College Park

Molly Greene
Princeton University

Richard Kaye

Andrew Schulz
Pennsylvania State University

2016 Pre-Dissertation Fellowship Committee

Eric Langenbacher, Chair
Georgetown University

Richard Deeg
Temple University

Miguel Glatzer
La Salle University

Vanessa Ogle
University of Pennsylvania

Eileen Ryan
Temple University

Damien Stankiewicz
Temple University

Emily Steiner
University of Pennsylvania


2016 Book Award Committee

Rima Wilkes, Chair
University of Bristish Columbia

Sébastien Chauvin
University of Amsterdam

Lisa Conant
University of Denver

Hazel Gold
Emory University

Pauli Kettunen
University of Helsinki

Daniel Mügge
University of Amsterdam

2017 First Article Prize Committee

Uta Poiger, Chair
Northeastern University

Adrián Gras-Velázquez
Swarthmore College

Gyorgy Lengyel
Corvinus University in Budapest

Nicholas Rzhevsky
Stony Brook University

Holly Snaith
University of Copenhagen


2016 Undergraduate Paper Prize Committee

Erik Bleich, Chair
Middlebury College

Patrice Higonnet
Harvard University

Matt Murphy
Centenary College of Louisiana

Vasiliki Neofotistos
University of Buffalo

Marleen Rensen
University of Amsterdam


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