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CES's annual International Conference of Europeanists would not be possible without the generous contributions from our sponsors and partners. We earnestly thank the following institutions, publishers, and universities around the world for their support!

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25th International Conference of Europeanists
Chicago, March 28-30, 2018



24th International Conference of Europeanists
Glasgow, Scotland July 12-14, 2017

23rd International Conference of Europeanists
Philadelphia, April 14-16, 2016









22nd International Conference of Europeanists
Paris, France July 8-10, 2015



21st International Conference of Europeanists
Washington, D.C. March 14-16, 2014



20th International Conference of Europeanists
Amsterdam, The Netherlands June 25-26, 2013


19th International Conference of Europeanists
Boston, USA March 22, 24, 2012

Additional support was also provided by these advertisers and exhibitors:

Aarhus University Press
Ashgate Publishing
Berghahn Books
Cambridge University Press
Edinburgh University Press
European Consortium for Political Research
Hart Publishing
Harvard University Press
Institute of European Studies at Indiana University
Kritika: Explorations in Russian & Eurasian History
Library of Social Science
Luso-American Foundation
Lynne Rienner Publishers
Maney Publishing
Oxford University Press 
Palgrave Macmillan
Rodolpi Press
Routledge (Taylor & Francis)
The Scholar's Choice
Stanford University Press
Stylus Publishing
TransAtlantic Masters Program at UNC, Chapel Hill
University of Calgary Press
University of London Institute in Paris
University of Missouri Press
University of Toronto Press

23rd International Conference of Europeanists
Philadelphia, April 14-16, 2016



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