Announcements: European Integration & the Global Political Economy Research Network

Call for Applications: The European Integration and Global Political Economy Research Network invites applications for the 2018 Pre-Conference PhD Workshop. Please find the full description and how to apply here.

Call for Papers: The 2017 paper prize submission period is open until January 31, 2018. Details can be found here.

Call for Application
s: Research welcomes applications for its 2017 Pre-Conference PhD Workshop. Participants will receive extensive and constructive feedback on their own research in progress. For more information, please view the full Call for Applications.

Doctoral Workshops:
The CES research network on European integration and the Global Political Economy organizes regular doctoral workshops with the aim of raising the profile of early career scholarly work within the network, offering those researchers opportunities of exchange on themes within the remit of the network, and providing them with high quality feedback of more senior peers within the network. Depending on our ability to secure logistical support sur-place, the workshops take place either as pre-conference events directly attached to the main annual CES conference, or at other host institutions. So far, we ran successful pre-conference workshops in Amsterdam (2013) and Paris (2015). We look forward to welcoming you to one of our future events!



Call for Members:
In June 2011, the CES launched a new network on European Integration & the Global Political Economy, which already has over 60 members. The network has a dual focus: It analyzes the extent to which the EU impacts on-going reform dynamics in a global post-crisis context, focusing on the ideational and strategic influence of the EU on key actors, and how they impact countries with differing institutional legacies and contexts. It also focuses on governance and decision-making through the Lisbon Treaty in a broad range of policy areas, and how these relate to issues of popular legitimacy and contestation in the EU and beyond.

The network aims to build bridges between scholars transnationally, hierarchically, and across disciplinary boundaries. It endeavours, for instance, to connect scholars analyzing reforms from a comparative and national perspective with those interested in Europeanization. Several panels are organized within the remit of the network at each CES conference, and the CES organizes a luncheon for the network at each annual conference. The network is also developing its own research portal through which collaborative endeavors can be constructed and shared. The network provides a genuine opportunity for developing innovative research in the area of European Integration & the Global Political Economy. If you are interested in joining the network please contact Aidan Regan, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., for more details.

Annual Paper Prize for Early Career Scholars
The CES research network on European integration and the Global Political Economy has initiated an annual paper prize competition, in collaboration with the journal Comparative European Politics, in 2012. This is an opportunity specifically for scholars in early stages of their career to support publication of excellent work, while also seeking to expand synergies between the CES annual conference, our network's doctoral workshop and our membership. The winning paper of each preceeding year is announced during the network luncheon at the main conference and, following potential revisions, will be published in Comparative European Politics. The winner in 2012 was Mathis Heinrich (Lancaster University), Lucia Pradella in 2013 (University of Venice), Visnja Vukov in 2014 (EUI), and Michael Schwan (University of Cologne) in 2016. 



2019 CES Conference

CES is thrilled to announce the location of the 26 Int'l Conference of Europeanists. Learn more...

Council for European Studies | 475 Riverside Drive, 308i | New York, NY 10115