Social Movements Board Nominations and Elections

On September 23 - October 4, 2015, the CES Social Movements Research Network conducted a vote to elect the members of its governing board. We are pleased to announce the newly elected Network Co-Chairs, Secretary, and Board Members. You can read their election statements and colleague recommendations below:

Network Co-Chairs
Board Members

Network Co-Chairs:

Lucy Finchett-Maddock, Lecturer in Law at University of Sussex (website)
Election Statement: I have worked for a number of years on the role of law in protest, specifically in relation to social centres and squats, as well as written on the Summer Riots in 2011. I use critical legal, complexity and crowd theory amongst my theoretical approaches with a monograph soon to be published with Routledge entitled 'Protest, Property and the Commons: Performances of Law and Resistance'. I would like to be in touch with more academics working specifically in the area of protest, social movements, and I see this as a great opportunity to work with others on collaborative projects and give my time to the social movement research community. I enjoy networking and setting up events, organisational roles and particularly bringing together activists and academics. It would be a pleasure to be on the board.

Christian Fröhlich, Assistant Professor of Sociology at National Research University Higher School of Economics Moscow (website)
Election Statement: I am an assistant professor interested in the manifold and paradoxical developments of civil society and social movements in Post-Soviet space. Unfortunately, the study of civil activism in Eastern European countries receives often much less scholarly attention. As co-chair of our network I want to provide better representation of this enormous part of Europe in our discussions and conference participations. Since I am situated at an Eastern European university, I want to use this chance to attract more social movement scholars from Post-Soviet regions to our network in order to improve for all of us the chance to integrate the Eastern European “other” into the study of common European movements. Moreover, as a junior scholar I want to represent the interests of early career researchers and be responsive in particular to their needs.


* * *


Laurence Cox, Lecturer in Sociology at Maynooth University (website)
Election Statement: I co-founded the RN with Cristina Flesher Fominaya in 2011 and co-chaired it from that point, during which time it has grown to over 270 members from approx 30 countries, organised many panels and other events at CES conferences; published "Understanding European Movements"; developed good relationships with sister networks in the ECPR, ESA and ISA; and produced the constitution which has just been accepted. This is an excellent time for new co-chairs to shape the RN's development; the new constitution separates off the ongoing work of managing new membership applications as well as the mailing list, web portal and members' directory into a new position of Secretary, for which I am nominating myself. I am rarely in a position to attend conferences but would like to continue this aspect of the RN's work.

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Board Members:

Marcos Ancelovici, Professor of Sociology at Université du Québec à Montréal (UQAM) (website)
Election Statement: I've been attending the CES conference since 2010 and really enjoy its multidisciplinary perspective because it provides the opportunity to consider issues from multiple and often complementary standpoints. I would like to serve on the board of the Social Movements Research Network to coordinate and promote activities that will foster this multidisciplinary dimension. Along the same line, I would like to collaborate with other CES Research Networks to organize inclusive joint-panels that we would focus on broader, cross-cutting themes. I would also like to organize panels focused on research methods in social movement studies so that we can improve our tools and skills regardless of the particular objects that we study. Finally, I would like to build bridges with ESA, ASA, and ISA (among others), to maybe organize a biennial international conference on social movements.

Selin Bengi Gümrükçü, Lecturer at the Department of Political Science and Public Administration at Izmir University
Election Statement: I have been working on social movements since my Masters education. Social Movements is new field of research in Turkey that flourished after the Gezi Park protests. I believe that being a member of this board would enable me to serve this new field better. One consequence of the above mentioned fact is that there are not many social movements scholars in Turkey. Thus, being a member of such a network is essential. On the other hand, Turkey is not a country that is sufficiently covered by social movements scholars abroad and is not a well-known case. By becoming a board member, I hope to contribute to the field in these veins and to building a scientific bridge.

Aidan McGarry, Principal Lecturer in Politics at University of Brighton
Election Statement: I believe I have the requisite experience and organizational capabilities to govern the research network. I currently chair a smaller social movement network in the UK and have experience of organising events on social movements including conference panels and symposia. I also have the resources to attend the annual CES conference. My research focuses on the political mobilization of marginalised communities, particularly Roma but also LGBTI groups and how these intersect with identity, visibility and power. My research is not solely located in social movement studies but cuts across different research areas. I would like to continue the great work of Cristina but want to explore different and creative ways to harness the network in order to benefit our members with a particular focus on online dialogue and collaboration.


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